Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monkey's sacrifice their juice to watch "porn"

It is no news that porn cosumption on the internet is huge. When researchers in Montreal wanted to compare students who did cosume porn on the internet with students who did not consume the same, they were unable to find and male heterosexual students who had not looked at porn on the internet at all. The average age at which these students first saw porn was ten(!). Recent, unconfirmed estimates in Sweden suggests that more around 80-90% of male students consume porn over the internet.

There are also some interesting "cultural differences" this article (in Swedish) claims that the mormon dense state of Utah, consumes much more porn than for instance Montana. Perhaps most amazingly, when a county in Sweden investigated how their employees used their work computers they found that to a large extent they were used for activities such as file sharing and pornography. One employee actually spent 75% of his working hours looking at porn...

Now, it turns out that getting excited by 2D depictions of the other sex is not one of the uniqly human traits. Monkey apparently like porn too. In fact this scientific article shows that monkeys are willing to give up some juice (which they like alot) if they then get to watch pictures of the perineal area of female monkeys (perineal area is scientific name for the anus and vagina area.