Tuesday, December 12, 2006

About me

I was born 1983 in a small village outside Århus in Denmark. At seven years of age I moved with my mother and my sister to Järna, Swedens center for antroposofi, located south of Södertälje. There I went through elementary school and high school. Before moving on to Lund I also worked one year with neuropsychiatrically challenged children (mostly Autism and ADHD).

In Lund I have studied mainly psychology, but I have also taken courses in statistics, criminology and astrophysics. After two years in Lund I went abroad to University of California, Santa Barbara where I studied neuroscience and biology for three semesters. Subsequently I went back to Lund to finish my degree in psychology, resulting in this article. After having finished my degree there I received a six month scholarship to work on the cerebellum and classical conditioning. During the fall (2007), I worked together with my former advisor on a new project which involved finding good material to study retrival induced forgetting (RIF). Simultaneously I was studying at the medical program here in Lund. As you might have already guessed my big passion (in academics) is the brain, the most complex thing in the entire universe. However, I think that my blog will reflect the fact that I am interested in subjects far beyond the brain. I love physics and astronomy, and evolution is another subjects which gets me going...

I am a strong believer in the liberty of individuals to make up their own minds on almost all matters. Neither churches nor any other intrest group should be allowed to indoctrinate children. In symphoni with these values I have joined the Swedish Humanist association "Humanisterna", who are actively advocating these values in the Swedish society. When it comes to Science and philosophy I am largely pragmatic, though I do believe there is an objective truth out there (in contrast to post-modernist scholars). I believe that natural laws govern everything that is happening in the universe, including our own behaviors. Therefore I do not believe that we have free will. However, I recognize the importance of the concept of free will, it would be too complicated to speak in terms of interacting molecules in ordinary life.

Besides all this nerdy stuff I like to play and watch football (for Americans this means soccer), and I (kind of) regularly run. I live in Lund toghether with my wife and her three children, and our dog. Then of course I like to blog...


molbio2 said...

I just discovered your blog since I never watch any blogs. It is very interesting things you wright about escpecially for me who is a new phD student in molecular biology.

Anna said...

Hehe läser din blogg och tänker "shit den här snubben har verkligen på fötterna, måste vara minst 30, men ser så ung ut på fotot, kan det vara all Omega 3...?"

Så är du 83:a. Well done!! Jag kommer att fortsätta läsa!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I came across your blog by googling my husband, Kyle's name. I had to click because "Anders" is a name we seriously considered naming our son. Coincidentally...while we at my grandfather's funeral a couple months after our son was born, my grandparents' church first met (before they built a church) in Anders Rasmusson's barn. All different families, I'm sure...but interesting.

Anyways, HELLO!

Jenn Rasmussen

Ben Barnett said...

Hello Anders,

Great blog! I was hoping you might be interested in doing a link exchange. I run www.createcognitivedissonance.wordpress.com and think our readers would have much to share with eachother. Let me know if you're interested via the comment lines on my blog, and I'll put a link up quickly.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Your views are most fasinating. It is great that we have people with your clear mind in the world. Thank You.

rasmussenanders said...

Thank you for your kind words of appreciation.

Alex said...

I think we might have had a few arguments if we'd been in Santa Barbara at the same time.

Pachomius2000 said...

About me (Anders)
I was born 1983 in a small village outside Århus in Denmark.


I live in Lund toghether with my wife and her three children, and our dog. Then of course I like to blog...

Posted by rasmussenanders at 1:11 PM
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I like to say that you are one man who is doing a great favor in marrying (not just living in with) a woman already with three children.

And you are today (2009 less 1983) some 26 years old only.

I am sure you really love your wife and her three children, that is why you married her instead of just living in with her.

If I may, who is earning more money, you or her?

And I also commend you for loving a pet dog. I also have pets at home, a cat and a dog.

Why do you have to get married when you can just live in with your wife, and still put up a home and a family without any of the legal ties of institutional marriage?

I would appreciate your answers to my questions, and I want to thank you if you just let this comment come out without prior review and editing or for not suppressing it altogether.


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