Thursday, April 12, 2007

Manchester United vs. Roma 7-1

Since I have been a United fan for no less than 18 years I have to sidetrack from my normal subjects and write a few lines about the magnificent game they played the other night when they completely demolished Roma in the Champions League quarter finals. It was quite an amazing experience to watch the game, the goals just kept on coming, and in the end I almost felt a bit sorry for Roma and the Roma fans.

Totti, Roma's perhaps best player said in an interview prior to the first encounter "that 'I don't like the way English football is even if some great players play there. 'I don't like English football and I don't like England either because of the weather.'" (no Totti is not a teenager, he is 30 years old).

Following their humiliating defeat Totti, to my satisfaction said that "Unfortunately, we have come across a better team." Poor Totti…


z said...

...and for the zillionth time:
Ferguson was chewing gum,
while humbly explaining the victory. Respect.

Anonymous said...

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Mancheste United 7 goals said...

Oh yes, it is just perfect to remember this absolutely CRAZY match.

Seven goals over Roma.... just beatiful.

Anonymous said...

This game was one of the best in the story but I heard Mancheater United won because players took a Viagra overdose.