Friday, November 27, 2009


To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question. At least in Sweden, an intense debate has been going on recently due to the new influenza H1N1. Here I will not discuss whether or not it is a good idea to take the vaccination, rather I would like drive home another message - Thiomersal, which can be found in the H1N1 vaccine is not dangerous.

Thiomersal is an ingredient in the new swine flu vaccine. Thiomersal contains 50% mercury - a substance that is indeed very toxic. Drink a 10 grams of mercury and you will die from mercury poisoning. Unless you have a deathwish it is not normal for people to drink 10 grams of mercury, however, some traditional chinese medicines contains a few grams of mercury and taking these regularly might give you mercury poisoning. Indeed, a recent study found that for 64% of a sample of different traditional chinese medicines, taking the recommended weekly dose would result in mercury or arsenic intake significantly above the safety limit. What is the safety limit for mercury? It is around 1700 micrograms weekly.

Ironically this means that taking these so called "natural" chinese medicines can give you mercury poisoning. How much mercury is there in a shot of swine flu vaccine? Judging from the number of articles this issue has produced it has to be alot right? Five micrograms is the answer! In other words, take the natural medicine and you will get more than 1700 micrograms of mercury, take the highly controversial vaccine and you get 5 micrograms... By the way, fish is allowed to have as much as 500 micrograms of mercury per kilogram. So eating a fish will give you much more mercury than taking a shot of the vaccine.

I talk to a lot of people who are extremely skeptical towards the medical industry, WHO, and doctors in general. Fair enough, the medical industry wants to make money, and the WHO propably have some sort of agenda and perhaps they do not want to put focus on potential side effects on a vaccine that can potentially save a lot of lives. Doctors, well maybe they are to some extent indoctrinated by the medical industry and WHO. My advice is don't trust the expert, but trust the evidence and take the numbers I have just presented into account. Everything is toxic if you get too much of it, but small amounts of something (even mercury), is rarely dangerous...

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