Friday, December 9, 2011

My Google Listen list - Good podcasts

I have previously listed my favorite podcasts, however since that post I have found quite a few new podcasts that I really enjoy listening to. I thought I would simply give you my whole list of podcasts that I listen to. If I had to single out just a few podcasts that I look forward to a little more than the others it would be

Podcasts in English

Podcasts in Swedish
  • P3 Dokumentär - Great documentaries, mostly about significant events in modern Swedish history - Swedish
  • Humanistpodden - Official podcast of Humanisterna
  • Godmorgon världen (P1) - Best weekly news summary in Sweden, by far - Swedish
  • Konflikt (P1) -  Swedish radio program focused on cultural and military conflicts
  • Fysiopodden - Podcast that talks about training, fitness and health in general  - Swedish
  • Medierna i P1 - Good swedish radio program about the media and its problems
  • Plånboken (P1) - Good program that talks mostly about private economy and consumer rights
  • Skeptikerpodden - The #1 swedish skeptical podcast, well produced with interesting conversations and interesting interviews

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thanks! very helpful and interesting