Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Americans’ belief in evolution

I would very much like to recommend Gallups daily briefings which presents, in video format, interesting data from Gallup polls on a daily basis. Today for example, Gallup presents the latest figures on the 2008 presidential election. They ask, "who would you vote for today, Clinton or Gulliani (the two front runners for either party).

In yesterdays briefing Gallup presented a survey probing about Americans' belief in the theory of evolution. Apparently, three of the republican presidential candidates claimed not to believe in evolution (none of the front runners thank God). I am almost hoping that they said so only because of their voters. An unbelievable 48% of the Americans' who were asked in this survey said that they did not believe in evolution. Why do some people not believe in the extremely well established theory of evolution? When you ask those who do not believe in evolution a large majority says that evolution contradicts their religious beliefs. In other words they chose to base their world view on faith rather than on evidence. These figures are an inspiration to me to keep writing on this blog.

Not surprisingly perhaps, the more educated you are, the higher the probability that you believe in the well established theory of evolution. Also not surprising republicans deny evolution more often than democrats (68% of republicans claim not to believe in evolution).


Komie said...

In considering the lack of republican belief in evolution you have to also look at the role conservative religious beliefs play.

Anonymous said...

In the many arguments I read concerning the theory of evolution, I find most people equating rejection of evolution to a lack of education, which is false.

I also read that the 'intellectuals' are the conservatives are the Republicans. And that the dummies are the socialists, are the Democrats. Unquestionably both these assumptions are totally FALSE. Heated debates flowing over with hatred for the 'other side' are filling the Internet.

This recent trend is bringing the country to an irreparable divide. Many people decide their vote the same way I do, If the person that is running for president is honest, and will do what the people want done, and will not show favoritism to ANY industry, then he/she MIGHT be good for the country. I say might, because only God knows what is inside that carefully guarded interior person.

Others decide their vote simply by party. This last type are the ones who are is bringing this country to the brink of destruction. Party politics, if it continues much longer will be the TOTAL ruination of America.

Public opinion places the Political right into the intellectual group, but many blogers claim that people who do not believe in evolution are poorly educated, and definitely not intellectual. How is it then that the polls show that most of the 'intellectuals' do not believe in evolution.

Here's why. The very best way to determine if evolution is a science it to put on the hat that is rarely worn. Put on the thinking cap and be logical. It is totally illogical to believe that live created itself without any instructions or any other help.

If evolutionists want to end the arguments all they have to do is, get their brilliant heads together and assemble a self replicating 'simple' living cell. This should be possible, since they certainly have a very great amount of knowledge about what is inside the 'simple' cell.

After all, shouldn't all the combined Intelligence of all the worlds scientist be able the do what chance encounters with random chemicals, without a set of instructions, accomplished about 4 billion years ago,according to the evolutionists, having no intelligence at all available to help them along in their quest to become a living entity. Surely then the evolutionists scientists today should be able to make us a 'simple' cell.

If it weren't so pitiful it would be humorous, that intelligent people have swallowed the evolution mythology.

Beyond doubt, the main reason people believe in evolution is that sources they admire, say it is so. It would pay for these people to do a thorough examination of all the evidence CONTRARY to evolution that is readily available: Try The evolutionists should honestly examine the SUPPOSED evidence 'FOR' evolution for THEMSELVES.

Build us a cell, from scratch, with the required raw material, that is with NO cell material, just the 'raw' stuff, and the argument is over. But if the scientists are unsuccessful, perhaps they should try Mother Earth's recipe, you know, the one they claim worked the first time about 4 billion years ago, so they say. All they need to do is to gather all the chemicals that we know are essential for life, pour them into a large clay pot and stir vigorously for a few billion years, and Walla, LIFE!

Oh, you don't believe the 'original' Mother Earth recipe will work? You are NOT alone, Neither do I, and MILLIONS of others!

Those who believe in evolution simply haven't done enough independent research on the subject, OR, they have been mesmerized by their biology teacher/professor, as I was. OR, they hate God!

rasmussenanders said...

Thank you for the comment anonymous,

Though I would not equate a lack of education with a belief in evolution it is certaily true that you find an increasing number of atheists as you look in more educated populations. It is pretty clear if you look in this Gallup poll. Of course there is no causality involved...

I am curios. What do you mean by intellectuals when you say that more intellectuals do not believe in evolution? That claim completely contradicts everything I have ever read. What is your source for this.

I think that most people who believe in evolution have taken on their thinking hat and examined the evidence, I certainly have. It is furthermore not more illogical to think that an self-replicating molecule self assembled, than to believe that there is a God who has simply always been there. How did he come about? How did he create life? Do you believe in Adam and Eve?

All biologists acknowledge that cells are extrmely complex, far beyond what we can make today. Evolution however explains how this complexity arise. In this case no intelligence is involved. There are many examples of how very complex systems or adaptations arise, evidently without any intelligence.

See a previous post I have written on this subject here:

Anonymous said...

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