Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Other Blogs

As an inspiration for my Blog I often read other blogs. Even though I would like everyone to read my blog more than anyone elses' I feel obligated to admit that there are a lot of good blogs out there. I thought I would list a few of them here. I want to apologize in advance to my English speaking readers for the fact that many of the blogs that I read are in Swedish.

There are many blogs out there that, like my own, discusses atheism, religion, and evolution. One excellent, recently born blog is Allotetraploid. The author of this blog not only lives in the same city as I, he is also interested in the exact same things, religion, psychology and biology. I look forward to taking a beer with him someday J.

I am a member of the Swedish organization Humanisterna, and it is good news that Felicia Giljam, the organizer of Humanisternas youth group has once again, after a long pause, started posting on her Blog Furiku. The day before yesterday I received a comment on my post from another blogger living in my vicinity. Her name is Anna Bjurström, and on her blog "Anna Does Malmö" she has a very nice mix of interesting everyday observations and more philosophical subjects. I can only give my warmest recomendations.

For those who do not speak Swedish I recommend Rationally Speaking. Author Massimo Pigilucci who is professor in evolution and ecology always publish well written and inspiring posts on his blog (maybe he is helped by his editor!). See for instance his criticism of the God Delusion here.

Finally I would like to recommend Z's blog. She and I probably disagree about a lot, most noticeably, she believes in God whereas I do not. However, her posts are always interesting and she has my admiration for her willingness to discuss and defend her beliefs without being offended by my God-forsaken comments. I am all for different points of view, and Z provides a different perspective worthy of your attention...

If you want more recommendations, scroll down and see the list "recommended blogs".


Lim Leng Hiong said...

I just checked out Rationally Speaking.

Hard-hitting stuff! Thanks for the link.

Charlotte Therese said...

Hej från en "oliktänkande" bloggare... :-)

Ett egendomligt kedjebrev för bloggare är på gång - kom med innan det alldeles spårar ur.

Jag som utmanar Dig finns på blogg:

REGLER: Varje spelare börjar med att skriva sex underliga/egendomliga saker om sig själv. Bloggare som blir “tagna” ska skriva sex saker om sig själv i sin blogg och samtidigt ange reglerna för spelet. Till slut väljer bloggaren sex nya bloggare och gör en lista av deras namn. Efter det är gjort skriver han eller hon en kommentar i deras bloggar för att låta dem veta att de har blivit “tagna” och att de ska läsa ens egen blogg för mer information.

Kan ju vara kul så här i början åtminstone... Sommaren är hur som helst en bra tid för stilla filosoferande. Och kanske kan man lära känna lite nytt bloggfolk på kuppen...! :-)


Z said...

My entry today is inspired by yours around
Alan Sokal and post-modernism

Anna Bjurström said...

Det här hade jag inte sett! Tack! :)